A walking tour of anti-conscription sites in Melbourne's CBD

Take a walk around Melbourne sites that were significant in the anti-conscription movement of World War 1. 

This self-guided tour takes you to six different places, telling the stories of some of the people who opposed conscription. 

  • Parliament House - Frank Anstey
  • St Patrick's Cathedral - Dr Daniel Mannix and Frederick Sinclaire
  • Trades Hall - John Curtin and other members of the union movement 
  • Old Melbourne Gaol - John Curtin and others jailed here
  • The former Magistrate's Court - Adela Pankhurst and others who were taken to court
  • The site of the Women's Peace Army - Vida Goldstein, Cecelia John, and Adela Pankhurst

There are two ways to experience this walk. 

1. Visit Soundtrails and click on the various hotspots (pink shapes) on the map. You can do this from any location. 

2. Download the Soundtrails app on your phone, and then the "Resisting Conscription in World War 1" tour - and then physically visit the Melbourne locations. Once you start the audio in the app, it uses the GPS data from your phone to automatically play the audio when you're in the right location. 


In developing this resource, Alexandra Pierce spoke with historians Professor Joy Damousi and Dr Carolyn Rasmussen. Excerpts from that conversation are featured during the Soundtrail. To hear an extended version, check out the audio below: